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We are participants of Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL) and National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL), and offer depository accounts to individual investors as well as corporates. A DP account with us means hassle free transaction of securities and the choice of an automated pay in option.

NSDL Insurance Repository

We are also offering the newly introduced NSDL Insurance Repository (NIR) scheme. With this you can now store all your insurance policies in a single e-Insurance account linked with your MyEureka account. You can access all your insurance policies with a single log-in and do away with the hassle of keeping all the insurance policies in physical form. There will also be a common KYC for an eIA holder. KYC will now be required only once while opening an eIA and not everytime an insurance policy is purchased. With the repository as the single point of service, updating details like change of address or nomination will become easier, faster and more reliable. It will also facilitate conversion of the existing paper policies into electronic policies at the request of the policy holders
Right now, only life insurance policies and pension plans are being allowed to be held in e-insurance accounts. However, the facility will eventually be extended to health, car, home and other forms of general insurance.

  • Other benefits of depository services are:
  • Immediate transfer of ownership rights
  • No bad deliveries / objections
  • No stamp charges on securities transferred
  • Minimum paperwork
  • Reduced transaction costs
  • Highly simplified method for pledging/hypothecation of securities with banks
  • Facilitates securities lending
  • Facilitates freezing / de-freezing of security accounts
  • Enables movement towards faster settlement cycles keeping in line with global trends