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A last Will Document and testament is a declaration by which a person, also known as the Testator (a person who prepares a Will is known as Testator), declares his / her wish about distribution of his property after his / her death. This is a kind of smooth succession planning for the wealth of any individual, to ensure that after his / her demise, the legal heirs get their share without any hassle as well avoidance of heart burns amongst them. There is a general misconception that Will preparation is a complicated matter and an expensive exercise where services of experts is required, compelling many individuals to ignore or avoid this option. On the contrary, Will writing is not only important from succession perspective with a view to avoid family disputes, but, at the same time is neither complicated nor expensive.

Therefore We are offering an online service of data submission for 'Will Preparation' through computerized platform namely EzeeWill System (A joint venture of NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited (NSDL e-Gov) and Warmond Trustees and Executors Pvt. Ltd. (Warmond)). NSDL e-Gov has developed, hosted this platform using the state-of-the-art technology and is managing this infrastructure, facilitating the provision of submitting the Will preparation request by giving the relevant data in a structured format and systematic manner. Warmond has deployed legal experts to study the data submitted by the client to assist preparation of the Will on behalf of the client. Warmond will also ensure the delivery of the Will to the client through various modes which includes email, courier or hand delivery (at selected cities) by Warmond representative.

Why EzeeWill?

  • Simple & Convenient way to secure wealth distribution
  • Assured confidentiality, reliability of your Personal Data
  • Easy Process for creating a Will through your mode of choice
  • Help you provide all your Assets detail in a Systematic manner
  • Will drafted by experienced Legal Experts
  • Online Will, Personalised Will, Executorship & Trust Services

So help your family when they need you most. Make sure that your hard earned wealth will be passed to your family after you.

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