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Eureka Insurance Broking Pvt Ltd is an IRDAI authorised insurance broking firm. We offer best insurance policies, which covers each and every needs of our clients. We place our clients’ needs first. You can always choose from a wide range of insurance policies to cover each and every needs for you and your family.

Policy6 is the latest addition to the Eureka group's array of services. Here you can find insurance policies from more than 60 leading insurance providers of the country, and purchase one which is best suited to your needs. The name reflects the 6 insurance policies we cover: Motor, Health, Travel, Term, Home,and Commercial. We aim to make insurance, a highly complicated subject in the minds of the common man even today, as simple as daylight; simple enough to let everyone avail financial protection no matter when and how they need it.

Why Policy6?

We provide insurance from all major insurance companies. By choosing us, one can avail..

  • Low Monthly Payments
  • Reliable Coverage
  • 24-Hour Claim Service
  • Choice of your insurance company
  • Local & Convenient Service

So What are you waiting for? Visit www.policy6.com now and choose appropriate insurance cover for you to protect what's most important to you.