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Product Description

Corporate Fixed Deposits work the same way as a commonplace bank fixed deposit, but with a higher rate of interest that allows for greater returns. Invest in a company’s shares for a fixed amount and earn an interest on your money. Corporate Fixed Deposits can be an assured investment for investors with a low-risk appetite, if proper research, due diligence, and planning takes place prior to investment. 

The investment process is straightforward — companies accept investment and pay investors interest on the amount, which is locked in for a particular period of time. The longer the period of investment, the higher the rate of interest and higher the gain. Upon maturity, the fixed deposit pays out interest and the original invested sum. 

Eureka Stock and Share Broking Services Ltd. not only offers quality fixed deposit schemes but also makes this process of due diligence a much simpler one with hassle-free advisory services and FD management. Choose Eureka for your Corporate FD portfolio and build your savings, worry-free.

Types of Corporate Fixed Deposits


Interest earned on a cumulative FD only becomes available to the investor on maturity of the fixed deposit or at the end of a fixed period


Interest earned on a non-cumulative FD is paid to the investor at regular intervals during the tenure

About Corporate Fixed Deposits

Benefits of Eureka Corporate Fixed Deposits

Multitude of schemes

Competitive interest rates

Reliable market predictions

Useful advice and recommendations on choice of company and FD