Investing in foreign currencies

Product Description

Currency Trading refers to the investment and trading of derivatives based on foreign currency and exchange rates. Investors, companies, and central banks use this process to exchange currencies in the foreign exchange market. The currency market is the largest and offers several opportunities for investors based on the shifting value of currencies across the world. Though equity and other derivatives tend to be more popular with investors, currency trading can be a lucrative investment, especially for the import-export industry. It can help to grow profits through hedging currency risk in the market.

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Types of Currency Trading

Spot Market

The trading of a currency pair that happens immediately through banks and FX dealers and is in exchange for cash that is delivered after the deal is closed or within a short period of time from that moment

Futures Market

The currency pair trading occurs immediately through banks and FX dealers in exchange for cash, which is delivered after the deal is closed or within a short period from that moment

Options Market:

Financial contracts between a buyer and seller that obligates the buyer to purchase an asset at a predetermined price on a date in the future. These contracts are traded on stock exchanges

Must-know Strategies of Currency Trading


Short-term trading with open positions for seconds or minutes. These trades target minor intraday price shifts and offer small profit gains in return. However, several trades can be made in one day that can result in a considerable amount of wealth creation

Day Trading

Short-term investments that are not held overnight but remain open longer than with scalping. Investors close their position at the end of the day with a profit or loss to avoid adverse market fluctuations overnight

Swing Trading

Medium-term trades that retain open positions for several days or weeks at a time. This type of currency trading requires less monitoring and interaction due to the extended duration

Position Trading

Long-term trades based on major shifts in prices. The trades retain an open position for weeks, months, or even years

About Currency Investment

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