A Glimpse Into Our Efforts to Give Back

Eureka CSR Intro

For five decades, Eureka has given back to the community in many ways, and it all began with the late Paras Ram Somani. The Chairman of the Group was associated with the Marwari Relief Society in 1972, and contributed to its mission of providing hospitals and medical care for the less fortunate in Kolkata, West Bengal.

He became the Hospital Secretary in 1982 and served patients, helped with hospital workings, and was an integral part in setting up the eye operation facility that offered free operations for a while. Before this, he built a bond with the Shri Shiv Shakti Seva Samiti and made generous donations to devotees.

Mr Paras Ramji Somani has been felicitated by the following organizations for his social and charitable work:

Following the Chairman's footsteps, the management at Eureka has undertaken many CSR initiatives, as follows:

Set up an eye operation camp in Pilani, Rajasthan, and registered over 192 successful operations.

Assisted Snegam Social Welfare and Resource Society to achieve their goals via Rakesh Somani, a committee member of the organization. Snegam Social Welfare and Resource Society provide education for students from less fortunate communities and championing girl children without access to resources besides championing female empowerment across all sections.

Set up multi-bin for awareness towards society for Cleaner & Green Environment for a better tomorrow at Salt Lake, Kolkata. An initiative towards society towards ‘Clean Investing For Better Tomorrow’ with respect to raise awareness by keeping environment clean by investing towards nature & obtaining better habit of using dustbins for dumping trash than throwing it away anywhere. Practice of Investing towards nature to keep it preserved for healthier and better tomorrow.
Converted Dryland Areas (approx. 1800sqft) from Grey into Green at Salt Lake near City Centre 1 beside Kolkata Metro Car Shed Back Gate. An initiative towards ‘Green Economy’ by tree-plantation and adding various flowers with water facility to keep the space green.