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Product Description

Initial Public Offerings or IPOs refer to shares of a private corporation that are available to the public in the form of stock. It transforms a private company into a public company and the sale of shares becomes the main source of injecting new equity capital into the firm. Often, companies employ this method to raise capital investment and finance operations, especially in the early days of business. In return, investors see high returns as long as the company’s performance is satisfactory and the price of the shares increase in the market. Here again, it comes down to the right choice of IPO as not every upcoming IPO on the market ensures good returns. 

Investing in promising corporations is key to a successful IPO portfolio. Our dedicated team of financial experts and investment managers at Eureka Stock and Share Broking Services Ltd. is here to give you all the help you need and make IPO recommendations based on careful market and company study. All you need is to open a Demat and Trading Account with us and hold a valid PAN card. We’ll do the rest!

Types of IPO

Fixed Price Issue

The issue price set by companies for the initial sale of shares that are made public. Investors must pay the full amount of shares upon application and demand can be traced after the closing of the issue.

Book Building Issue

The company puts a 20% price band on shares instead of fixing a price beforehand. The final price of the shares are decided by investor bids i.e. the number of shares to be bought and the price offered by investors.

About IPO

Benefits of Eureka IPO

Advice on upcoming IPOs showing promise

Due diligence conducted on every IPO

Detailed reports and analyses for better investment

Tracking of company performance and profits