Getting More From Tradable Shares

Product Description

Stock Lending and Borrowing Management (SLBM) is an investment scheme by which stock traders can make use of professional knowledge to borrow and lend shares with a specific rate of interest and tenure. The trading system depends on demand and supply, requiring a keen eye to facilitate the transaction. Additionally, there is a facility in place for early repayment or recall on the part of the borrower or lender. 

For a lender, SLBM provides additional income, lender fees, and incremental returns on an otherwise idle portfolio.

For a borrower, SLBM facilitates arbitrage trading which provides opportunities for building a profit on borrowed securities. 

The team of finance pros at Eureka Stock and Share Broking Services Ltd. makes SLBM a breeze with seamless transactions on an online trading platform, effortless investments, and amazing profits. We aim to identify for our clients the best opportunities for optimised lending and borrowing. 

About SLBM

Benefits of Eureka SLBM

Recommendations for when to borrow and lend

Low brokerage costs on each transaction

Timely and efficient communication

Innovative methods to maximize investments