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Two ways for the Government or a company to earn a good amount of capital investment is the equity market and the debt market. While equity is more popular, debt markets offer several benefits to both the company and the investor. 

The Debt Market is an investment scheme in which loaned securities are traded with short-term maturities. Debt funds invest in securities such as corporate bonds, treasury bills, financial securities and government securities. Corporate bonds are the most common type of debt instrument and usually have fixed rates of interest. 

This type of debt investment boasts low risk for the investor as compared to the Equity Market due to fewer fluctuations in price, and when markets are down, governments and companies turn to the debt market for easy liquidity.

In India, the following institutions can issue debt securities to raise capital:
  • Central and State Governments.
  • Government agencies 
  • Public Sector Units or PSUs
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Institutions)
  • Corporate entities

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Types of debt funds

Corporate Bond Fund

Invests 80% of funds in corporate bonds with good returns and high potential

Dynamic Bond Fund

Invests in debt instruments with various timelines for maturity based on the rate of interest

Liquid Fund

Invests in financial instruments with a maximum maturity of 91 days

Money Market Fund

Invests in financial instruments with a maximum maturity of 1 year

PSU Fund

Invests 80% of funds in Public Sector Undertakings and Banks

Gilt Fund

Invests 80% of funds in a range of government-issued securities

Overnight Fund

Invests in dest instruments with a maximum maturity of 1 day

Duration Funds

Invests in funds as per the Macaulay duration* - ultra-short duration, short duration, low duration, medium duration, medium-long duration, and long duration funds are all available

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